Reviews & articles

Reviews, articles, etc:

Interview in De:Bug magazine, Germany 2012

De:bug english translation

Concert review, Berliner Zeitung 2011
Page 1
Page 2

Hang Up magazine, Finland 2011

Clubbing in Spain:
Pavan: Holy Volt review

Holy Volt review, WIRE magazine 2011

Holy Volt review, TS Extra 2011

Technodisco Italy:
Pavan: Holy Volt review


RaBa 12" on Laton053-Debug
Debug review of Randy Barracuda

Rolling Stone Magazine

Nanoscenes by Rolling Stone magazine, Nov 2010

Skweee: A Synthesizer Odyssey
Article by Rory Gibb
Drowned in sound

Randy Barracuda
HRMN-12 12″
Baltimore City Paper 2010

HRMN-9 7″
The WIRE magazine, March 2010

School of Mesak
the WIRE magazine, March2010

Article in Guardian, April 2009

Article in Spin Magazine, April 2009

Markis Sage music video:


Markis Sage – Creature of Lagoon from Jenny RK on Vimeo.

Official music video for Markis Sage


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